I don’t dream at night, I dream all day; I dream for a living.To say Good bye is to die a little.

十の盟約         この盟約に従い、私はゲームを生み出します。






















[one] I forbid every slander in this world, slander, violation
[two] All the game clear conditions shall be settled in the end roll in the game
[three] For distribution, I have the thing which aspect each other took as equality
[four] All do not matter to contents, the amount of money unless they are against "three"


[five] A producer has a decision right in the game contents
[six] The plan carried out in the name of "a pledge" is certainly observed
[seven] The game production in the group shall put up a deputy plenipotentiary person


[eight] The unjust detection playing a game assumes it BAN

[nine] I perform the cause of the name of the creator with an absolutely unchangeable rule with the above

[ten] Let's play all peacefully